Vanessa Williams Wedding Invitation

Published Friday, April 8, 2016

Vanessa Williams Wedding Invitations

An exclusive look into Vanessa Williams 14k gold Wedding Invitations

Earlier this year, Vanessa Williams –television star and previous Miss America winner, wed her partner Jim Skrip. The result was a gorgeous and lavish Egyptian themed event, which was perfectly fitting as the couple met whilst on holiday in Egypt. Of course, such an extravagant ceremony calls for a one-of-a-kind invitation to present guests with a taste of the luxury that is to come, and London based company - Adorn Invitations were the perfect team to do such a job. We spoke to the established team at Adorn Wedding Invitations to get a further look into the creative process of Vanessa’s Egyptian invitations.

Where did your designs look to for inspiration?

The design team really made sure to look into every element of Vanessa’s wedding for inspiration. We looked at her chosen colour palettes, and noticed that gold was definitely the primary choice. Being introduced to the more delicate details of the ceremony, such as Vanessa’s multiple gowns and even the detailing of the decor - we really wanted to incorporate all elements onto the design, regardless of how big or small they were. Multiple inspiration and mood boards were created, all with different textures, colours, and exotic images of inspiration which allowed the team to create hundreds of different designs that were then narrowed down to the teams favorite one.

Vanessa Williams Wedding Invitations

What was involved in the creation of the Invitation?

Luckily here at Adorn we have state of the art machinery, and traditional printing presses, that create a finish like no other. Although Vanessa’s design was intricate and quite complex - these machines allowed us to manufacture a high quality and precise design. For example, the laser cut detailing on the outside of the invitation was an exact replica of the lace on one of Vanessa’s wedding gowns. This design was produced by hand drawings sketched by one of our designers, and then altered and cropped until we finally settled on a singular shape.  This shape was then replicated multiple times through a digital program, creating a gorgeous seamless pattern. Once this was completed, we applied this chosen pattern to our precision laser cutting software – that then recreated the design in the form of a laser cut outer pocket. To create the sharp colour evident on Vanessa’ invitation suite, Adorn sourced numerous high quality inks that were then mixed until a perfect shade of Marsala and matte gold was created.

Vanessa Williams Wedding Invitations
What was the overall response to the final product?

Both Adorn and the happy couple were positively thrilled with the final design to say the least! It was an absolute honor for Adorn to design a piece with such creative freedom, finally allowing the Adorn team to showcase their true design and production abilities. Vanessa and Jim’s wedding theme was the perfect motif to allow the Adorn team to explore luxurious design elements, and create something truly unique. Vanessa and Jim were also extraordinarily ecstatic with the final outcome “Thanking Adorn for the beautiful piece of art, it was an absolute hit with our guests!” Visit to get your hands on your own stunning creation.