5 Tips For Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Published Monday, October 26, 2020 •SPONSORED ARTICLE

Vancouver Wedding Article

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A wedding day is a moment when all things in our life change. People can no longer make decisions alone, spend money alone, etc. Unfortunately, organizing the wedding day is a challenging task. There are many things you will need to take care of such as hiring a makeup artist, finding the place where you will celebrate the event, etc.

Lack of cash flow is a common problem for all young couples that want to organize their wedding day perfectly. Because of that, they deserve to hear tips for planning a wedding on a budget. You will find out soon that things are not as complex as they seem. Because of that, let's find out those tips together.

Vancouver Wedding Article

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Think about Your Wedding Dress

The brides will manage to find hundreds of wedding dress models online. However, the most beautiful ones will probably cost a fortune. Keep in mind that you will wear the wedding dress only once in life (at least, we hope so). Because of that, spending a big amount of money on that doesn't have any sense.

There are some cost-effective ways to make your dress look wonderful. First of all, you should strive to find a good wedding gown alterations shop. In that way, you will manage to modify your dress to your specifications. Despite that, collaborating with professional gown cleaning companies is an additional way to make your dress look more attractive. Both options are a good alternative for couples that are dealing with a lack of money.

Vancouver Wedding Article

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Carefully Choose a Photographer

As we said, the wedding day is a valuable memory for all the people. Because of that, recording those beautiful moments is a must-do thing. That is the reason why couples always decide on hiring a professional photographer and videographer.

There are many ways to make the right selection. You can ask friends that recently got married to give you some suggestions. Additionally, you can use the Internet and social media to reach the most professional ones. Always ask for the samples of previous work to confirm the quality of the service you are asking for. After you confirm everything is fine, the last step is checking the price. These costs should not take more than 10% of your overall budget. You can consider expensive everything that requires higher costs than that.

Organize "Out-Of-Season" Wedding

The peek months for wedding days are from May to October because of the nice weather. Logically, during that period, all the wedding costs are going to be higher. For instance, renting a cheap space for your wedding day will probably be impossible. Because of that, organizing the even out of the season is the best choice you have. You can organize it somewhere between January and March and save a few thousand dollars in that way.

There is another option, but many couples will disagree with that. You can try to organize the wedding on a weekday. Unfortunately, the number of guests that will manage to come won't be huge.

Vancouver Wedding Article

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Don't Invite "Everyone"

We will continue in the same manner. The couples that struggle with the budget can try to keep the wedding day intimate. However, you need to be careful when creating the guest list in that way. Think carefully about those that "need" to be together with you when your entire life is changing. An old friend that you haven't seen for years surely doesn't "deserve" to be on that list.

Make a Wedding Cake Alone

We won't talk here about the prices of wedding cakes. However, they usually cost a few hundred dollars. Instead of spending your money on that, you can make the wedding cake alone. In case you are not an expert for that, you should ask for help. There is someone around you that will manage to help. Grandparents (especially grandmoms) are usually ready to help in this situation.


These five tips are going to help you plan a wedding on a budget. However, the essential thing is to start planning on time. Start organizing things at least one month before the wedding day. That is going to be enough to take care of all the aspects of your wedding.

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