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Published on Sunday, May 22, 2016

Toronto Wedding Dresses

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About The Brides' Project


The Brides’ Project accepts donated wedding dresses from brides, salons and designers and has two very important purposes: to provide brides with dress and accessory options that are within her budget, and to support cancer charities by donating all our profits. To date, we have raised over $600,000, and hope to continue this great tradition!


We have seen huge strides made in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer over the last few decades. We want to be a part of improving the lives of men, women and children by fighting the disease and helping to fund groups who support the victims and their families. While lofty, we want to be a part of finding a cure, and believe this is highly achievable.

How many wedding gowns do you usually receive in a month? Are they mostly from locals or everywhere in Canada?

We receive about 100 dresses a month, including donations from individuals, salons and designers. These come from all over Canada.

Toronto Wedding Dresses

The Brides' Project

Do you only have Bridal gowns and bridal accessories available? Would you have bridesmaid dress and flower girl dresses as well?

We mostly have wedding gowns and accessories. We have a few flowergirl dresses but they don't sell, and we do not carry bridesmaid or mothers' outfits

How do people volunteers and how many voluteers do you have?

We have about 20 on the crew. Many come because they visit as a bride or with a bride, and some are looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity and find us through our beneficiaries, our website, or Charity Village. On our website we detail the requirements for volunteers:

Toronto Wedding Dresses

The Brides' Project

What was one of your most memorable experience when you founded The Brides’ Project?

There have been so many memorable experiences - each for different reasons. Among those, one of our very first clients lost her father to cancer, and came to us looking for a wedding dress on a budget. One of the things she said to me was that while she was so sad not to have her father there, she felt that in some ways he would be walking her down the aisle as she wore the dress that she found here. Another in a similar situation commented that she felt her father would be proud of her for making that purchase decision.

There have been many many stories of survival and success as well... and each one gives me renewed hope that we can indeed find a cure.

What advise would you give an upcoming bride & groom?

Advice for a bride and groom... well, as everyone says, don't sweat the small stuff. My advice comes from a couple of different perspectives; as an officiant I'd say take 10 minutes to spend alone with your new spouse, because you are "owned" by guests for most of the day. As a guest... make sure to enjoy your own wedding celebration! Your guests will follow your lead... and a happy couple having fun is the best way to ensure that guests are enjoying themselves too.